some things

Since, obviously, I’m not maintaining this blog, I thought I would let folks know that I am (sort of, kind of, trying, thinking about) maintaining my faculty blog over this way. I haven’t thought all this through yet. I might cross-post a lot of stuff. Or I might devote that blog to serious stuff, this one to whimsical stuff. I don’t know. But in case you’re you’re wondering what I’m doing, professionally, head on over there.

Still working on the DharmaRealm, too. And hope to have a new interview up on the New Book Network next week.

scholarly bits

We’re  trying something new over at the Institute: faculty pages. So I’ve set up a blog to show off my more, shall we say, “professional” side. The only reason why some of you may care is that I’ve posted either PDFs or direct links to my publications and conference papers. At least the ones I […]

why the buddha is my dj?

Why the buddha is my dj? The short answer is that it was a play off of the phrase “God is my dj,” featured on t-shirts and bumper stickers from these guys. Over time, though, it has taken on a variety of other meanings for me, most simply, a nod to the intentional mixing of […]