a day late and a dollar short

But here I draw the line. Just like this guy. (Read #11 closely.) Look. Science is little more than a methodology to enable human beings to explain their world through repetitive observations and measurable experiments to arrive at objective facts. One of those facts is that an overabundance of estrogen does not make someone gay. I refuse to allow anyone to use scientific jargon to promote a political agenda simply because when someone uses scientific jargon, well, hey, they must know what they’re talkin’ ’bout. But they don’t. And this guys doesn’t. So let’s ignore him and he’ll go away.


what’s that sensation i’m having?

It’s a feeling I haven’t had since 1992. First and foremost, the Governor did not win by a landslide. He won with 60% of the votes. That’s a majority, to be sure, and damn close to a two-thirds majority. Had he won by two-thirds, sure, a landslide. Whatever. But this was simply a win. This […]


So, a week or so ago, the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor. When I read it over my morning cup of coffee, I though, “Huh. That’s weird. Whatever.” And went about my day. The letters to the editor, on the contrary, have been as angry, outspoken, and (yes) diverse on opinion as […]

watch out!

All right all right. First off, today is the day. Today is the day that we get our new governor out here in California. Damn it. I feel in no way a need to complain about that. I think enough’s been said, frankly. And, even more frankly, who cares? Someone told me before the election […]

damn it.

Well now that that’s over with, the recall I mean, maybe we can all get back to paying attention to more important things. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that this election is going to have pretty far reaching impact that we can not, at this point, possibly know, but I’d like to kindly […]