a multiyana perspective

At the risk of being permanently labeled “that guy who does nothing but bitch about what’s wrong with everyone else’s approach to Buddhism but rarely advances his own cogent ideas or practical solutions,” allow me to explain what I think multiyana would mean and how it could be put into practice and why I think it’s important or worth talking about in some sort of general way.

filthy bodhisattvas!

This was passed to me today by one of my colleagues here at the IBS. It’s from a 15th century Tibetan source (I think), and it’s best to imagine the final “m’s” of the chants to be long and drawn out, with the lips closed, humming: The sewers of Benares are filled with all kinds […]

bodhisattva work

Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form. This is the big idea in all the praj&#241a-paramita sutras. Paramita means “perfection,” that which leads to the other shore of awakening. Praj&#241a means wisdom. This is one of the fundamental practices of bodhisattvas, of those who strive to awaken all living things. But not just any wisdom. It’s […]