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In the “war on terror”, the US administration has resorted to secret detention, enforced disappearance, prolonged incommunicado detention, indefinite detention without charge, arbitrary detention, and torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Amnesty International So I’ve tooling around the web a lot in the past week or so, trying to drum up interest in […]


I went to the City yesterday. The BART ride was fairly uneventful as mid-afternoon BART rides usually are. But once we got out of the trans-bay tube and were headed into West Oakland Station, the train operator made a rather cryptic announcement about someone finding a “suspicious” suitcase back at Embarcadero. A couple guys sitting […]


Listen. I was going to dig all over the Interwebs looking for good sources about the war in Iraq and why it’s a catastrophe and why this “surge” is a bad idea and present a long and complicated argument about it all with supporting commentary from both sides of the aisle. And then I realized […]