end of summer

We got some weird weather in these parts in September. September in the Bay Area is usually a late summer, dry and hot. Instead, we got thunder storms. A somewhat fitting end for a summer of contentious, Buddhist blogging about the politics of race and representation.

Over the last couple of days, I have tried to write a blog post about these issues, some sort of summary post, or some sort of recap of the issues, or even a response to some of the more slanderous things that been said out there. But I can’t seem to get the right tone, get my thoughts in order. I keep getting distracted.

this ain’t hanami

Sakura (cheery blossoms) bloom only for a week or two in the spring. Viewing them is all about reflecting on transiency, impermanency and yet beauty inherent in our lives. But today I’m feeling very much like things are changing. Like I’m in the middle of a transitional period, and what’s at the other side is […]

in other news

I’ve finally gotten around to updating my on-line portfolio as well as some other tinkerings here and there with the ol’ Buddhaworld site. Feel free to check it out. I’ll no doubt be adding more screen shots of my work as I finish up some projects, but you get the idea. And in other other […]


I feel the need to clarify a couple of things that I’ve written as of late. “I feel like crying.” I feel like crying not only in the “I’m depressed and despondent” sort of way. But also in the “there’s so much beauty in the world I think my heart’s going to burst” sort of […]