It’s been a rough week. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for a number of reasons. But, for me, top among them has been the fact that since Labor Day, I’ve been doing no less than three things simultaneously at all times. Deadlines are looming. And some of them are for projects I haven’t even started thinking about.

It’s put me on edge.

Throw into the mix my obsessive-compulsive desire to Know Everything in regards to the current election (and that knowing everything is often the very definition of infuriating) it’s no surprise that I’m quick on the draw and jumping on people when I probably don’t need to be.

team america

In the “war on terror”, the US administration has resorted to secret detention, enforced disappearance, prolonged incommunicado detention, indefinite detention without charge, arbitrary detention, and torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Amnesty International So I’ve tooling around the web a lot in the past week or so, trying to drum up interest in […]

work work work

You’ll all be happy to know that as of nine o’clock this morning, I have officially begun working on my dissertation. Wait a minute, I can hear y’all saying. (That’s right. I said “y’all”.) Haven’t you been working on your dissertation for, like, years?!?! Well, yes. But today I actually started writing. Which is a […]