is it the end of the world yet?

I really gotta stop stop hanging around the Interweb. It’s so depressing. Watch this: Didja watch that? It’s all about clergy acting as first-responders in the event of a national disaster, like Hurricane Katrina. Like they did in Hurricane Katrina. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for acts of charity, religious or otherwise. But […]

somehow, this is all the ACLU’s fault

From the New York Times: As a result, [Jerry Falwell] was a lightning rod for controversy and caricature. He apologized, for example, after televised remarks suggesting that the 9/11 terrorist attacks reflected God’s judgment on a nation spiritually weakened by the American Civil Liberties Union, providers of abortion and supporters of gay rights, and after […]

work work work

You’ll all be happy to know that as of nine o’clock this morning, I have officially begun working on my dissertation. Wait a minute, I can hear y’all saying. (That’s right. I said “y’all”.) Haven’t you been working on your dissertation for, like, years?!?! Well, yes. But today I actually started writing. Which is a […]

another reason not to buy stuff on the internet

“We’re prepared.” Wow. They’re prepared to have someone lob allegations that he paid their leader to have sex with him? Wow. I mean, I know that’s probably not a big deal, but it makes me think there was a Church meeting and they all sat around thinking up worst case scenarios.

“Okay, Bob, what if…. let’s just say, I mean, hypothetically… I accuse you of paying me for sex. What do we do?”

Catholic Town, USA

It’s not everyday you see something like this: The town will not allow adult bookstores or topless clubs. However, it will merely suggest, not prohibit, businesses from selling adult magazines or contraceptives. “We are not going to censor any of that information, but in deference to Ave Maria University, we are going to request that […]