Le bouddhisme en Amérique

If I know you as well as I think I do, my dear readers, I know how much you like statistics. (Okay, that’s my silly attempt at sarcasm. I know that not many of you like statistics, so I’ll do my best to jump over them and get to the point as quickly as possible.)

I just read this little nugget of made-up wisdom over on the Tricycle blog: Buddhism is France’s 3rd-largest religion, according to Wikipedia.

way too much data, or not enough?

Because we here at the buddha is my dj aim to please, allow me to present some interesting statistics and data culled, mostly, from a recently published book, North American Buddhists in Social Context, an edited volume of ten chapters dealing with different communities of Buddhists across the United States and Canada. I’m citing these stats in part because of the conversation that popped up in the comments thread to my last post. I’m also posting them because I think sharing data is a worthwhile and valuable activity that allows us to have something meaningful and factual to talk about rather than basing our assumptions of what (we think) we know on our own limited experience.