That was fun!

Sometimes things work out. Hm. What’dya know? But, apart from that, I wanted to mention the horoscope I got yesterday. I don’t know why I read horoscopes. I don’t particularly think they’re accurate and I can’t recall a time in my life that I read one and thought to myself, “Well, I’d better change my […]

Czech Republic

Everything you’ve just read is a lie. For the past six months, I’ve been in the Czech Republic fighting crime. I had infiltrated an international ring of cat smugglers who were making them wear funny hats and perform in on-line sketch comedy. It wasn’t long before a double agent double crossed me and the jig […]


Well there you have. I just found out my boss (the cute obnoxious redhead to most of you) is getting married. So there’s some good news. And it’s not like I’m particularly bummed out that she’s getting hitched so now she’s off the market. It’s not like we were ever going to be an item […]

knock it off.

Quit it. Ya hear me? Quit being passive. It’s getting old. Let it out man. Be up front. All this bull shit goin’ on. All these little dramatic complications. They’re all made up in your head. Just start talkin’. Just let it all out and everything’ll be just fine. Take a deep breath. Don’t bother […]

i am confused

What with all the things happenin’ in my life these days. I am confused. And, more immediately, I am sunburned. Don’t ask me why it didn’t occur to me to put on sublock (or at least wear a hat) while I was at the bbq pit for three-plus hours Sunday, drinkin’ cheap beer with the […]

okay, so just like, never mind.

This dating this sort of sucks. Is that true? Do I really mean that? Well, sort of. I mean, it’s tough meeting people and it’s tough reading people and there’s all these rules involved and protocol and etiquette and all that happy horse shit. It’s sort of irritating. Not to mention this whole internet thing […]