a couple things

I read this article on CNet, about the founders of Craigslist and Wikipedia having a little chat. The following three paragraphs caught my eye. First: “The miracle of DVRs, not just TiVo, is that you can skip through commercials, and in my fantasy life…if everyone started skipping political commercials, that would defeat their purpose, and […]

I feel obligated to say something.

I feel obliged to say something. And provide a link to somewhere. But to where, I don’t know. So I’ll just say it. Apple’s gonna be using Intel chips. And there’s all kinds of people all over the internet shitting in their pants. Apple geeks are a weird cult. I’ll admit it. We’re a wacky […]

the future

The other night I was having an extended telephone conversation with a good friend of mine up in Portland. I think this was the day after the big hullabaloo in New York that was the RNC, so naturally our conversation turned to politics. We both had that sense of fear and apprehension that seems to […]