part two: the homogenization of buddhism

This post will focus more on that issue the of whitewashing culture, of the homogenization of culture. This will bring us closer to the task at hand, namely, figuring out why this issue is important for Buddhism in the West.

But perhaps the best way to understand this is to take a step back away from Buddhism, and even a step back from race, and examine a different homogenization of culture. And we can find such an example in the current debate raging over gay marriage.

this week’s digest

Some bloggers these days post daily (or weekly) digests of things they’re reading. You don’t want some bland, decontextualized list. You want commentary. You want to read my list of depressing (and hopeful) news stories from the Interwebs, circa this week, 2009. (Oh, and I hella love Oakland.)

May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet

The wedding stamped is on out here in California as thousands and thousands of gay and lesbian couples rush to their local county-clerk’s office to tie the knot! Oh, wait. Did I say thousands? It’s really more like hundreds. Which is sort of the point after all. For all the hand-wringing people have about what this abomination is going to do to good-old-fashioned straight weddings, it’s actually been pretty quite around here. I mean, how boisterous can an eighty-year-old lesbian couple really get, after all?