this week’s digest

Some bloggers these days post daily (or weekly) digests of things they’re reading. You don’t want some bland, decontextualized list. You want commentary. You want to read my list of depressing (and hopeful) news stories from the Interwebs, circa this week, 2009. (Oh, and I hella love Oakland.)

watch this video

It’s well worth the ten minutes of your time, a very reasoned and sound argument not about (what I think is the unimportant issue of) whether or not climate change is actually happening and whether or not it’s human’s fault, but the more important issue of whether or not we act. In short, are you […]

liberal elite

Over the past couple of days I’ve heard the phrase “media elite” or the “liberal media,” or some combination thereof, in a half dozen places including opinion pieces and letters to the editor in the Chronicle and on NPR. And it’s inspired me to write this rant. Those who think there is some uniform liberal […]

a day late and a dollar short

But here I draw the line. Just like this guy. (Read #11 closely.) Look. Science is little more than a methodology to enable human beings to explain their world through repetitive observations and measurable experiments to arrive at objective facts. One of those facts is that an overabundance of estrogen does not make someone gay. I refuse to allow anyone to use scientific jargon to promote a political agenda simply because when someone uses scientific jargon, well, hey, they must know what they’re talkin’ ’bout. But they don’t. And this guys doesn’t. So let’s ignore him and he’ll go away.