let’s get our groove on

Over the last year or so I’ve made several minimalist changes to this blog, cutting out clutter. Lost in the shuffle have been long-winded explanations about me or the site that I thought would be self-evident or the type of thing that, if you were really curious, you’d just ask.


It’s been a rough week. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for a number of reasons. But, for me, top among them has been the fact that since Labor Day, I’ve been doing no less than three things simultaneously at all times. Deadlines are looming. And some of them are for projects I haven’t even started thinking about.

It’s put me on edge.

Throw into the mix my obsessive-compulsive desire to Know Everything in regards to the current election (and that knowing everything is often the very definition of infuriating) it’s no surprise that I’m quick on the draw and jumping on people when I probably don’t need to be.

privacy, choice, and sledgehammers

I really do believe that it is when we believe that we have no choice — when we believe that we have no ability to change our behavior — that we give up our choice, we give up our free will. As long as we remind ourselves that we can change our our destiny, we still have the power to do it. When we deflect this responsibility to some other, omniscient force, we’re done. Game over. They’ve won. So you can worry all you want about people invading your privacy. Just remember that you’re the one who’s letting them in.

here we go again: buddhism, boomers, family, and clark strand

I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep saying till I’m blue in the face: American Buddhism — whatever the hell it is — is not just white convert boomer Buddhists. And if Mr. Strand is right (that boomer converts are dying off) and if I’m right (that the overall number of Buddhists is increasing), what exactly is he fighting for? Buddhism? Or Boomer Buddhism?

and we desperately need a revolution

Look. The last line of this article, “And we desperately need a revolution,” is true. We desperately need people to stop caring more about “American Idol” than they do about the potential environmental catastrophe awaiting our children. To this statement, Mr. Luddite, I say “Hell yeah.”

But do us a favor, will you? Stop talking for us. Stop being the voice for current revolutionaries. No one likes the Bitter Old Man. No one likes the Bitter Old Man and no one thinks that his fears are justified. And, more to the point, no one thinks that his tactics to fight the power will do any good. Wanna know why?