last words

It is now Friday, December 4, 2009. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted anything, here at the end of a surprisingly quiet autumn for the buddha is my dj. I realize that I’ve been posting less lately. (And, my god, there’s been so much that I could have (should have?) written about!) There are real reasons for the scarcity of posts, to be sure, but rest assured the following: the primary reason I’ve been posting less is that I’ve been deeply engaged with some other projects this fall; and you can expect more from these parts in the new year.

be thankful for what you’ve got

Rather than waxing on about the brotherhood of man, rather than saying, “whitey and the Indians got together, so can we!” in his 1863 establishment of the Thanksgiving holiday, he talks about, to be frank, being thankful for what you’ve got. He goes on and on about how screwed up the country is (we were, after all, in the middle of the Civil War), but despite how dire and terrible things are, the year “has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies.” And that we should be thankful for what we do have, and trust that the nation will be healed.

thank you

It took me nearly a year to find her. And Lord knows I made some mistakes along the way. And my boss was right — as always — when she said that all I needed to do was put out to the universe what I wanted. And the universe will respond. This is the best […]

Appropriate Thanks

‘Tis the season. The season of Thanks. Forget about post-Thanksgiving holiday sales. Forget about TV Christmas specials. Forget about your favorite holiday drink at that corporate espresso place. Forget about the things that drive you crazy, the traffic, the politicians, the pundits. And try this for a change. Sit back, take a deep breath of […]


The woman I’m in love with is out of town for a few days (weeks, months, ah!), and in her stead she has left me with a stack of old New Yorkers and Harpers. The other day, a lazy Sunday after a boisterous walk in the park with my dog, I started flipping though an […]