online offline: some brief reflections on bad behavior

Some folks believe that the Internet is somehow different from the “real world.” Some folks believe that, because of the anonymity of the Internet, people will invariably behave worse online than off, that they will say and do things that in the “real world” they would never consider saying or doing, morals and ethics be damned.

I believe that’s a crock of shit. Sometimes (a lot of times) people behave badly. Period. Where and when that happens is most likely a factor of specific circumstances. And to the extent that I’ve seen people behave spectacularly poorly in a wide array of circumstances, both online and off, I cannot sustain the belief that people behave quantitatively or qualitatively worse on the Internet than they do in real life.

get over it

How are men and women even supposed to interact anymore? These kinds of sites are just bashing on men that women don’t like. What if men made a site complaining about all the skanky gold-diggers we’ve met? We’d be labeled as insensitive jerks. (from today’s Chronicle) There’s this feeling out there in the world that […]

republic of scott

I’m thinking of starting my own country. It’ll be here. Maybe in my apartment. Or maybe I’ll take over a part of Oakland or something. I’m way too attached to this little piece of land to leave the continental United States. I am, however, growing increasingly — what’s the right word? Or words, really? Confused? […]