wilco (the review)

I just got home and the good ol’ media center started downloading Wilco’s new album, Wilco (the Album). I’ll say up front the following two things: first, I’m not going to do a formal review of it (now) because it just came out and I want to let it sink in; second, it’s good. Not mind-blowing-on-the-first-listen-oh-my-god-my-life-is-changed-forever good. But good.

dharma music

What would be really interesting, of course, would be something bringing these elements together. What would be really cool would be someone making music that brings together the best of both worlds. Which, of course, isn’t a radically new idea, and I think you could make a case for Ravenna Michalsen’s music being a representative example of such blending of traditions — hers is, essentially, devotional music directed toward her teacher, the Buddha, and the Dharma, but arranged in the Western musical tradition.

you shouldn’t be afraid

There is something much more deliberate about listening to music on vinyl. This is something you do, something you must be mindful of. I can hit the “shuffle” button on iTunes, walk away, do the dishes, hang out with the dog, get a sandwich — and the music becomes background noise. But with a record, you need to be singularly conscious of what you’re doing. You need to take great care when sitting down to listen to the disc. And in the case of In Rainbows, you need even more care because the album is spread over two records with just two to three songs per side. Which means there’s a lot of getting up and flipping discs involved. You’re forced to listen.

hey alright i might be goddamned

I have recently (re)discovered Modest Mouse’s album Building Nothing Out of Something. And I need to write about it. I’ve listened to it over and over again for the better part of a week now. In some sense, I’ve been looking for “that album” that’ll take me through the long dark of October from Summer […]

The Greatest Band On Earth

So there’s really only three kinds of people in the world (or, more accurately, three kinds of people in My World): there are the people who, when I meet them, I instantly and intuitively hate for no reason; there are the people who, when I meet them, I instantly and intuitively love for no reason; […]

the Wilco collection

So I’ve been thinking about writing on Wilco for a while now. Their latest album, A Ghost is Born, is really starting to grow on me. It took a while, to be honest, and I’m not at all sure how I think it stacks up to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or Summerteeth or their earlier albums. […]