a riddle

The following line’s been running through my head this mroning: … in the middle of the city isolation is a riddle to be surrounded by a million other people but feel alone like a tree in the desert dried up like the skin of a lizard I don’t know why I’m feeling alone. I don’t […]

rain rain go away

Stupid weather. It’s so dreary outside. It reminds me of that Portland drizzle I experiened over New Years. Only it’s May for cryin’ out loud. California dreamin’ my ass. Anyway, there isn’t much to this rant. There’s not a lot going on. Which is a half truth as always. The whole truth is that I’m […]

last of the big parties

So I threw a party this past Friday night. By all accounts, it was a success. People came, they drank, they ate good food, they listened to good music, the talked about everything from politics and religion to what was in the host’s underwear drawer. The host, on the other hand, had a less than […]

untitled rant

I really didn’t want the first rant of the new site to be about depression. But I can’t help it. And, just to be clear, I’m not depressed. Not in the least. When I got home from work earlier today I was having that sinking suspicion that I was about to become woefully depressed. I […]

distracted mosaic

I need to take a snapshot of my life. I need to stop for a moment and take a snapshot of this day, of this time, not only of my life in a more restrictive sense, but in a more general and abstract sense. I need to pause and take a deep breath. Somewhere along […]


It’s occurred to me as I’m going through all these revisions to my site that Buddhaworld is officially one year old. That it was the last week of June last summer that I went live, so to speak. On the one hand, I feel like there ought to be some modicum of fanfare, some bit […]