I was going to write about positivity, and about love, and about change, and about growth, and about all those other happy things. But that wouldn’t be honest. And I need to be honest. As honest as I can. Truth of the matter is, I’ve been on edge for a while. Apart from whatever my […]


I have a phoenix tattooed on my arm. I’ve had it for about six years now. Before that, I had an earlier version of the same thing which was done by the world’s worst tattoo artist, so when I had the money I had it covered over.

what’s wrong with me?

Things aren’t all that great over here in Buddhaworld. I think it’s pretty important that everyone out there bares with me. Just when I thought I saw the light, things got dim again. But I think I see a new light. So perhaps things will pick up. After all, this was my horoscope today: Departures […]


So something tells me that I’ve been online for far too long. Spending vast amounts of time sitting at my desk at work entering names and addresses into data bases or searching the internet for airline policies regarding underage kids and so on. Spending far too much time at my computer at home proofreading obscure, […]

Summer gives way to autumn.

I’ve been terribly busy lately. Summer camps, house guests, family vacations, and academic conferences have all kept me tightly engaged with the real world. If you haven’t been to see the real world yourself, I highly recommend it. My only complaint (apart from a lack of time to pursue more strictly creative endeavors) was the […]