i’m goin’ to hell.

The very definition of a bodhisattva is one who forsakes final and complete nirvana for the sake of others, to help all other sentient beings attain nirvana first. Why? Because the bodhisattva knows that if just one person is unenlightened, nobody gets enlightened.

the world shouldn’t be like this

On the other hand, I’m appalled at the world. Disheartened and disenchanted. My boss had to ride BART into work today. And while she was on the train, she caught sight of a man across the way who kept staring at her and shaking his head — something she gets a lot of being a black lesbian. But as the guy the was getting off the train, he said to her “Fuckin’ dyke,” and then spat on her before running out to MacArthur station.

watch out!

All right all right. First off, today is the day. Today is the day that we get our new governor out here in California. Damn it. I feel in no way a need to complain about that. I think enough’s been said, frankly. And, even more frankly, who cares? Someone told me before the election […]