when am i gonna be one of the cool kids?

All of which has nothing to do with anything. It’s still pretty early in the morning, I’m rambling, but I really wanted to get on to some deeper reflections about what’s going on in the World of Buddhism at the AAR. That is, after all, why I’m here. But first I think I ought to set the stage a bit. Do some academic name dropping.


you could cut the tension in here with a knife

This morning I went by the Employment Information Services center here at the conference. It’s a place where employers can list jobs and candidates can apply and interview and stuff. I decided to hang out in the “candidate lounge” to look through listings. Once I got in there I immediately felt nervous and depressed. And […]


So I had this grand vision to write a long and really deep and insightful little blog piece today. But, let’s be honest. I’ve been doing nothing but writing for nearly eight hours a day for the past two weeks. I’m all written-out. All that writing, of course, has led to what I consider to […]