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Something buried in this post — this delightful, insightful, post-colonial critique-ful post — by Arunlikhati (of course) caught my eye. “Dharmic evolution.”
I’m going to say it. Evolution has nothing to do with the Dharma.
Now look. I love evolution as much as the next guy. In fact, I’m a big fan of science in general. I mean, how can you not like science? It’s given us USB flash drives, penicillin, and the new Star Trek movie. C’mon. How cool is that? But the theory of evolution cannot be applied to human culture, society, or religion. It just can’t.

May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet

The wedding stamped is on out here in California as thousands and thousands of gay and lesbian couples rush to their local county-clerk’s office to tie the knot! Oh, wait. Did I say thousands? It’s really more like hundreds. Which is sort of the point after all. For all the hand-wringing people have about what this abomination is going to do to good-old-fashioned straight weddings, it’s actually been pretty quite around here. I mean, how boisterous can an eighty-year-old lesbian couple really get, after all?

watch the sky

In case you don’t already know, Wil Wheaton has a blog. Yeah, that’s right. Wil Wheaton. The skinny kid from Star Trek and Stand By Me. And if you didn’t know he had a blog, you’re probably thinking something negative about the guy, but once you read the blog you’ll realize that he’s a far cry (and at once not that far at all) from the skinny kid on Star Trek. He’s insightful. Witty, even, and writes on everything from pop-culture to sci-fi to Suicide Girls. (That’s right, Suicide Girls.)