last day

It’s my last day at the camp job. I’m sitting at what’s soon to be “my old desk,” waiting (im)patiently for my boss to cut my check so I can go home. In honor of my last day, and to avoid any undue sentimentality, I’m going to leave this place with the following: Jesus: Wait, […]

summer camp

I’m speaking as a gay man who’s been in a gay relationship for the past seven years. I know. And that’s the struggle I’ve gone through since I started working. But I don’t want to shy away from Christian language. I want to reclaim it. It’s powerful. Instead of using it as a weapon, I want to use it as something helpful. During our second year of camp, we were going to use Psalm 139, and one of our counselors said, “Well, we can’t use that Psalm.” And we looked at him and said why? And he said, “Well, because Psalm 139 is what the anti-abortion people use.” And I looked at him like, “So?” If we can reclaim this stuff, we can take away the ghosts that keep haunting people.

playing catch up

I got an email earlier today (or perhaps last night?) from my very good friend Juli who I haven’t spoken with in quite a while. In her email she asked about my new job and about something I wrote in my blog about another friend of mine whose relationship is coming to end. Both these comments made me realize that I must have been posting some rather random things in this little blog and not paying attention to the details. (And that Juli and I really need to catch up. We will! I promise!)

I am falling asleep in my office

It’s nearly four o’clock in the office and, once again, there are people in my office talking about things that do not concern me, distracting me from doing any real work. Not that I have any real work to do. Which, all in all, means that in the two days since I’ve been home from […]

an open letter to my friends and family

This has been one of the most stressful summers of my four-year career here at the summer-camp-part-time-job. And it’s really starting to depress me. It’s starting to depress me because I feel as though this job has sucked my summers away from me. I recall, in years past, having wonderful summers. Summers where I was […]


Do you ever feel unwanted? But unjustly unwanted? And all at once like you don’t actually care if the people you suspect that don’t want you want you or not? That’s sort of how I’m feeling right now. Over the weekend, the nephew of our company’s CEO came in and for some reason did things […]

independence day

Well it’s summertime. And it’s cold as hell and foggy outside. And today is the 4th of July. But I’m not all that concerned with Independence Day. I’m more concerned about my job. Things are looking dire around here. People are putting in their notice. Others aren’t showing up for work. Other (myself included) have […]