thoughts on teaching

So a few weeks ago I tried writing a post about teaching. We’re about half way through the fall semester right now which means that teaching is the one thing that’s occupying most of my time. But what I tried to write didn’t come out right, so I threw it in the old File of Forgotten Blog Posts that seems to be rapidly filling up my hard drive.

I thought I’d revisit the issue because two of my favorite blogs, Angry Asian Buddhist and Enlightenment Ward, both posted commentary about a recent Brad Warner post over on Hardcore Zen. It seems everyone’s favorite punk rock Zen master has closed the comments down on his blog, and in the process he’s added to a litany of critiques about the value of the Internet in the practice of Buddhism.

work work work

I feel like there’s quite a bit on my mind as of late. It’s the middle of the first week of October. I’m in the middle of my first week teaching a new crop of Japanese students all about what’s wrong with America, er, um, I mean, history and culture. Right, right. Apart from that […]

Last week at San Quentin

Next week is my last week at San Quentin. I have mixed feeling about that. One the hand, I’m sort of relieved. Teaching at times is tiring work. Coupled with my own, personal academic goals and a full-time summer job, this teaching gig is one more thing on an already pretty crowded plate. It will […]