digest: live show and other stuff

I have absolutely nothing new to say. In point of fact, I have many many old things to say. And some questions, of course, but I don’t expect anyone to have any answers.


response to a sociopath

I lieu of anything more profound, on a general interest or even, dare I say it, Buddhist topic, and in lieu of a long-winded diatribe about the general hypocrisy and double standard in American media whenever a Muslim, a person of color, a non-Chrisitian — in short, a non-white heterosexual middle-class male — does anything, I offer the following.

I’ve been thinking about the tragedy at Ft. Hood, and I’ve been actively boycotting the media ever since I heard an interview on NPR — NPR of all places! — of an Army chaplain who happens to be a Muslim. They were interviewing him and asking him asinine questions because another person who also happens to be a Muslim went on a sociopathic shooting spree, as if there’s something about being a Muslim that makes one predisposed to being a sociopath or that there’s something about being a Muslim that makes you able to relate to all other Muslims. And I found myself thinking, after another sociopath who happens to be a Christian gunned down an abortion doctor earlier this year, did NPR seek out the nearest Christian clergy member and ask similarly inane questions about Christianity? Or did they just assume, rightly, that that one lone sociopath was indeed a sociopath, nothing more and nothing less, who happened to use his religious views as justification for his behavior? It’s a fine line. But it’s a line worth keeping in our minds. I’d like to call that line: “Sociopathic behavior is bad no matter what; but just because said sociopath happened to belong to marginalized group X does not mean that all members of marginalized group X are sociopaths.”


I went to the City yesterday. The BART ride was fairly uneventful as mid-afternoon BART rides usually are. But once we got out of the trans-bay tube and were headed into West Oakland Station, the train operator made a rather cryptic announcement about someone finding a “suspicious” suitcase back at Embarcadero. A couple guys sitting […]

terrorism and heroin

So the front page of the Chronicle today has a rather nasty article about the driver of the truck that exploded on the freeway over the weekend. They drone on and on about how he was convicted of heroin possession in 1996. Which, to me, has absolutely nothing to do with why or how he […]


From Working for a Change: And how many of us knew before this week that foreign companies — from China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Denmark — were major operators in 15 American ports? This may be just fine, the way the world works these days. But we’ve never really talked about it, have we? Look. […]