privacy, choice, and sledgehammers

I really do believe that it is when we believe that we have no choice — when we believe that we have no ability to change our behavior — that we give up our choice, we give up our free will. As long as we remind ourselves that we can change our our destiny, we still have the power to do it. When we deflect this responsibility to some other, omniscient force, we’re done. Game over. They’ve won. So you can worry all you want about people invading your privacy. Just remember that you’re the one who’s letting them in.

how to get people to comment on your blog

Here’s three easy steps to get people commenting on your blog: Write a very articulate, insightful, thoughtful piece about anything, preferably something controversial that’s liable to get posted to Digg or some other social bookmarking site. Misspell some very common word, preferably a homonym, homophone, or use both the British and American spellings of a […]

web 2.0

So this is Web 2.0. This morning I saw some article in the Chronicle about little-known Web 2.0 sites that have been popping up left and right all over the place. For those of you who haven’t heard this little phrase, “Web 2.0” is a reference to up-and-coming technology that’s “revolutionizing” the web. At it’s […]

i have something to say

It’s about grammar and punctuation and correct spelling and elements of style on the web. Here’s why. Well, actually, more it was this. What sticks in my mind is the amount of anger and frustration people have toward those of us who post things on the internet, in Craigslist, chat rooms, or blogs and don’t […]

a couple things

I read this article on CNet, about the founders of Craigslist and Wikipedia having a little chat. The following three paragraphs caught my eye. First: “The miracle of DVRs, not just TiVo, is that you can skip through commercials, and in my fantasy life…if everyone started skipping political commercials, that would defeat their purpose, and […]