archaistic oppression

The ever-clever (and able to hold her liquor) SJ commented on my last post asking, I think, for a rant about archaism and oppression masquerading as tradition. And post-colonialism. Dear me. That’s a lot. But I’m always up for a challenge!

watch the sky

In case you don’t already know, Wil Wheaton has a blog. Yeah, that’s right. Wil Wheaton. The skinny kid from Star Trek and Stand By Me. And if you didn’t know he had a blog, you’re probably thinking something negative about the guy, but once you read the blog you’ll realize that he’s a far cry (and at once not that far at all) from the skinny kid on Star Trek. He’s insightful. Witty, even, and writes on everything from pop-culture to sci-fi to Suicide Girls. (That’s right, Suicide Girls.)