we’re so small

In case I don’t have the chance to write anything profound and meaningful before the holiday (I’ve got quite a bit to do before Dana and I leave town for a week), I wanted to leave the year on a high note. There are, as always, a multitude of infuriating things in the news. And I’m all over the place on most of them. When faced with so many questions, when I find my mind wandering in different directions, unable to get settled, unable to express myself in a way that feels right, I am often overwhelmed with the beauty and simplicity that exists in the world all around me. I am overwhelmed, grounded, and humbled.

photo updates

As many of my faithful readers take more of an interest in my personal comings and going than my academic/political/spiritual/etc. ones, I wanted to remind you all that my wife and I have a photo-blog over at PrecariousCat.com. I updated the blog a little while back, and Dana and I really are trying our best to keep it updated. To help in that regard, we posted some pictures of our new apartment — something a lot of my out-of-town friends have been clamoring for. In the coming months, I hope to post more updates over there, especially as we’re doing a fair amount of traveling this summer and fall. Whimsical pictures from such mythical lands as Atlanta and Chicago are sure to follow!

mythical august has arrived!

First off, the wedding was spectacular. It was at terns beautiful, sentimental, silly, deeply romantic, spiritual, and a helluva lot of fun. It still astounds me how much work other people put into making something so beautiful for me and Dana. The insecure little kid who lives in my head is surprised that people actually like him. Go figure.


I’ve been officially out of my job for a week now and I’m happy to report that, for the most part, I’ve been pretty productive. So productive in fact I don’t really have a lot to report. I feel like I have a lot to rant about (or against) but am not in the mood. […]


Whew. There they are. All the pictures of Tokyo. Enjoy! In other news, I saw my friend Anne perform tonight with these guys. They kick some serious ass. and i guess the broke up ’cause that link don’t work anymore. Apart from all that, I think I’m finally getting over my jet lag (just in […]